Saturday, September 3, 2016

Some of the many things we will be working on this month......

We will be practicing and establishing procedures for work stations, guided groups, independent work, and whole group.

 In Math we have started unit one.  This unit is called How Many of Each.  This first unit develops ideas of counting and quantity, the composition of numbers, and operations of addition and subtraction.  We will build number sense by counting and comparing quantities and through composing and decomposing numbers.

Back to School review is how we will begin our reading unit.  A great place to start the year.  Through this unit the students review skills from  K,  and I have a chance to get to know them and their reading skills.  After this review we dive right into many key foundational reading skills.
*Reading strategies - phonics/decoding - predict/infer - summarize - evaluate
*Comprehension - sequence - compare & contrast - cause & effect
*Build Fluency  & recognize high frequency words
*Grammar - when to use capital letters - punctuation  

Writing small moments with independence is the what we will be working on in our first unit.  Our goal is to produce many small moment stories.  The children will work through the writing process.  In these small moment stories they focus on detail, including showing a character's small actions, dialogue, and internal thinking.

As you can see we will be very busy.......

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