Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Important Dates
*October 13th  picture day
*October 27th Early dismissal - Parent Teacher Conferences 1:00 - 8:00
*October 28th Parent Teacher Conferences 8:00 - 12:00
*October 29th PTG sponsored Trunk or Treat Event

*When books are sent home from our classroom please try to return them the following day.  (If you want to keep it for an extra day please let me know.)  Also please sign the slip letting me know that the book has been read.
**The first week of Bag of Books was a success.  New bags went home today with each child.
***As the weather begins to cool down please send children to school with appropriate clothing for recess.  Thanks :)

Each month from October through March, I will send home a reading log.  On the reading log a goal has been set for all First Graders.  It is definitely OK to go above the goal!  At the end of each month please return the reading log, and the children will get a reading award certificate.

We have taken our end of unit one assessment in math, and I got to say I was pleased with the results.  Making Shapes and Designing Quilts Geometry Unit-This unit focuses on two-dimensional shapes and the relationships among them.  We will be observing, describing, comparing, classifying, representing, and building with these shapes.  We will use geometry terms such as....corners, sides, angles, edges, and points.

Our guided reading groups are working very well.  The children are also doing a great job with read to self.  We are working on increasing our reading stamina.  To help increase our stamina we need to have "just right books" to read.In our whole group reading we are focusing on the comprehension strategy of evaluate and the comprehension skill of cause and effect.

Bringing our characters to life has been a big focus in our writing. Make the characters talk, feel, and think.  We are also studying other mentor texts and focusing on strategies other authors are using, and trying some of those strategies in our stories.  Two very important aspects of our writing are capital letters and ending marks.  How do sentences start?  How do sentences end?  I can not wait to share the writing journals with you at parent teacher conferences.

We will begin a unit on communication and the different forms of communicating.

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