Monday, April 3, 2017

April News From Grade One
       **Important Dates**
April 8th Spring Fair
April Vacation 17th - 21st
April 14th Book orders are due

“April Showers Bring May Flowers”.......and science brings parts of plants.  We will be learning about plants, and what the job of each part plant is.  We will also talk about the characteristics of plants and how these allow the plant to survive.

In math we are working on unit 7. This unit is called color, shape, and number patterns.  The focus points are:

*Identify what comes next in a repeating pattern
*Constructing, describing and extending repeating patterns
*Represent a repeating unit in more than one way
*Compare repeating and nonrepeating sequences
*Identify what comes several steps beyond the visible part of a pattern
*Associating counting numbers with elements of a repeating patterns
*Determine and describe number sequence
*Describe how a number sequence represents a situation with a constant
 rate of change
We will continue to work with math facts, and we truly appreciate any time spent studying them at home.  

In reading we are working with summarizing as we read.  We will work with the comprehension skills of categorize and classify, topic/main idea & details, and drawing conclusions.  We will also focus on action words (verbs) and present and past tense.  Compound words and homophones will be practiced during this unit.  

We are still working on writing convincing reviews.  We are trying to persuade readers to try something new, such as a resteraunt, new movie, or game.  The writers need to stretch their thinking and add convincing reasons to support their opinions.  

It is still snowy, muddy, and wet outside, so boots and winter gear are still needed for recess. To help keep our classrooms clean please send in a pair of shoes for your child to change into for the day.  

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