Sunday, March 29, 2020

March 30th

Today is Marvelous Monday.  Tell someone about what makes
you feel marvelous. I felt marvelous when I was able to talk
to many of you on the phone.💓

Today is also our first day of virtual learning.  Each morning
I will be posting our morning letter.  In the letter I will be including
some learning opportunities.  You do not need to complete every
activity.....but if you do good for you!

Our first week of learning will be centered around plants.  If your Mom or
Dad have some seeds, soil/dirt, and containers you could plant your own 
seeds. (with the help of an adult...of course😉)Think about what your
plant needs to survive.  Maybe keep a journal, measure your plant as it grows, 
and share a picture of your plant with us.  

Here is a video to help you learn about plants.

Parents- username CDSHome    password  cds1234
**write this down and keep it in a safe place...we will use it LOTS!  You will need to
Log In...the log in button is in the upper righthand corner.

Draw your own diagram and label parts of a plant. Tell someone what job each
part of the plant has to do.

READING - Read for 15 minutes. Read to your favorite stuffy.

Listen to ”The Tiny Seed”

Writing- Write a different ending to the story “The Tiny Seed.”
Be creative and have fun! Did the seed survive in your ending
and if so, what did it grow into? 

Math- Work on IXL or Xtra math for 10-15 minutes

Collect items from around your house to create a pattern with.
Draw and name the pattern. Try to make as many different patterns
as you can. 
Listen to this story

Fun Time
Challenge someone and each color a picture 
doing the 3 color challenge...only use 3 crayons/markers.

First Grade Friends,
I wish we were together learning in our classroom,but for now let's make
best of this virtual learning. I miss our chats, your jokes and stories during snack
time, reading to and with you, and seeing your excited faces when you "get"
a new math skill. Show your Moms and Dads that you are responsible workers.
Love, Mrs. Lausier

Please remember that your child should not be doing more than 2 hours of school
work daily. You are welcome to pick and choose from these activities, or come
up with your own. Read to them daily and have them read to you.
I would love to see samples of their work.....
please send pictures! I would love to get emails,
Dojo messages, or comment below.
Remember we are all in this together, so please be in touch.
Stay well!

Friday, March 27, 2020

Hi Friends,

Today is Fun Friday!  What fun are you going to have today?
Here is a Fun Friday joke for you...
How do you organize a space party?
                          You Planet   ðŸ˜†

Today while you are doing some reading from books, or from Epic, or
any other reading source do a scavenger hunt.
Can you find 5 nouns (person, place, or thing)?
Can you find 5 verbs (action words...things you can do)?

Don't forget you can comment below and share the words you have found, or your Fun Friday joke.

Have a Fantastic Friday!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Hi all,

Today is Thinking Thursday.  Can you think of the number
1 more, 1 less, 10 more and ten less than each these 2 number?

1.        46
2         89

It looks like today is going to be another day to get outside. 
Try doing some estimating....Take a guess how many steps
 will it take to get to the end of my driveway, or to the mailbox.
 Make you estimate....start walking and count your steps.

I love seeing many of you working and progressing
through IXL and Xtramath.  I am sure you are all
doing some fun learning activities comment below about something
you are doing.
Check this out how tired would you be if you spelled the word because?
😉 This would be fun to do with any of our sight words

Make today awesome!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Hi First Grade Friends,

I hope you all got outside to enjoy the snow we had yesterday. 
Today looks like it will be another nice day.  If you get
outside and do something fun send me an email or a Dojo message
or picture of what you did.  Mallory and I went for a bike ride
yesterday, and we plan on going again today.

Have a great Wednesday and don't forget today is Word Wednesday.
Can you learn a new word today?
Maybe go on a word hunt and find as many compound words
as you can.

Make today fun & I miss you lots!

I saw this on FB and thought it looked like a fun project.  Thought I would share it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


By now you have probably seen the email that Mrs. Marvin
 has sent out regarding how remote learning will be a bit
different starting next week.  For now keep reading, 
working through packets, doing IXL, any of the 
websites I have sent you, or anything else you may have 
found to work on.  

Starting next week I will be posting  daily 
assignment  right here on my blog.  
There are two ways to get to the blog...

1. From the Center Drive webpage

Another important some point today
 I will be sending each of you an email with the directions 
and a code for each student to log into a Seesaw account.  
This is a great site that has many learning  opportunities 
and we will be using it lots in the next few weeks.

Thank you & if any questions please contact me.
Give all my first grade friends a big hug and shout out 
for keeping up with all their work.  Miss them bunches!

Shelly Lausier

Monday, March 23, 2020


I hope all my little buddies are doing well and ready for 
week 2 of this new adventure.  Please tell them I am
 thinking of them and miss them lots.

You should be receiving and email from a free math
 practice program called Xtramath.  Please sign  and 
make use of this valuable resource.  This program 
will be part of our plan starting next week.

Thank you & if any questions let me know.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Hi all,

Here are some wonderful online resources that can be used
during our remote learning time.
ABC Mouse: Great for all aspects of the classroom.
It takes a few minutes to set up and multiple children can create accounts.

National Geographic offers games, videos and information about science and
 social studies topics. 

*Scholastic is offering daily read alouds and follow up activities
 for at home learning. 

*Khan Academy has math topics and questions based on grade level.