Wednesday, November 29, 2017

First Grade News for December

Important December Dates to Remember

December 1st - PTG Kids Shop - 5:00-7:00 p.m.
December 4th - Family Coding Night - K4 Computer Lab
December 8th - Report cards sent home
December 15th - K-4 Holiday Concert - 1:00 p.m.
December 19th - Polar Express Day (if the 19th is a
    snow day, it will be on December 20th)
December 22nd - Classroom Christmas party
December 22-January 1st - Christmas vacation
January 2, 2018 - Back to School! - Happy New Year!

    The month of December is going to be a busy one! The children are going to be learning so much! In our Houghton Mifflin reading program we will be working on drawing conclusions, comparing and contrasting, and sequencing events. We are also going to be working on reading, writing and spelling words with r clusters, l clusters, and s clusters. We will continue to add more words to our Word Wall as the month of December goes on. Our short vowels will continue to be a focus, too.

    In math we will continue working on solving addition and subtraction problems. We will also continue to share and discuss our strategies for solving these problems. We have played many games to practice our addition and subtraction, and we will continue to work on these games. We will also work on several activities that will help us work on counting to higher numbers. The children will work on making their own counting strips, which they will make to show how high they can count. I can’t wait to see how high they can go! Before we finish the month of December we will begin Unit 4 - What Would You Rather Be? In this unit the children will be describing and sorting collections and collecting, recording and representing data. The children will even get to write a survey question and ask their classmates the question and collect all of the data!

    In our Lucy Calkins writing program the children will continue to write teaching books, choosing topics they are experts in to teach others. Soon they will begin writing chapter books, learning how to make a table of contents to introduce each of the topics in their chapter book. The children will learn how to write introductions and conclusions for their chapter books, finding ways to keep their readers engaged and interested. We should be finishing our published chapter books shortly after we return from our Christmas break.

    In December the first graders will be doing a  ‘Christmas Around the World’ unit in social studies. The children will learn about the Christmas traditions in 6 different countries - Russia, Mexico, Germany, England, Holland and Australia. They will also make a project that shows the Christmas tradition of each country. It will give the children the opportunity to learn how children around the world celebrate at this special time of the year.

     We want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Enjoy this very special time of the year with your child. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, November 17, 2017

    PJ &  GAME DAY

On Tuesday November 21st our class will be having a pj day and game time.  We have earned over 1,500 DOJO POINTS! WOW!!!

Please send your child to school with appropriate PJ’s and warm clothing for recess.  Slippers are allowed, too.  

We will set aside some time to play games.  If you wish to allow your child to bring in a game please do so.  We will be responsible when playing the games.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Important Dates: Friday November 10th no school
Wednesday November 22nd start of Thanksgiving break

It is hard to believe that we are already in the month of November.  We had a wonderful turnout at conferences, and feel so thankful to be teaching these awesome kiddos.

In Reading we will be taking our theme one/two end of unit assessment.  As we begin theme 3 we will continue with read to self and guided reading using “just right” books.
For comprehension skills we will be working with topic, main idea, details/summarizing, and making predictions. For grammar we will work with sentences and the naming part of the sentence and the action part of the sentence.  In a few weeks…...WE WILL ALSO BE STARTING WEEKLY SPELLING TESTS. Each first day of the week the students will bring home a spelling list and a spelling contract( this gives ideas to help them practice throughout the week).Our test are usually on Friday or the last day of each school week.

In Math we are finishing up Geometry and will be starting addition, subtraction and the number system.  Some goals for our first grade friends are to compose numbers up to 15 using two or more addends.  Students will develop and work with strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems.  They will generate equivalent expressions for a given number ( 10+2+=12 is the same as 5+5+2=12). We will be practicing counting forward and backwards from any given number up to 100.  

By now our first small moment books have been published and we are moving into becoming authors of nonfiction chapter books!  The writers will become a teacher and through their writing they will teach others about their chosen topics.  They will learn how to organize their topics into chapters and will dabble with creating a table of content for their chapter book.  
***A big push for all of the students is to correctly and neatly form letters, and to use capital letters to begin a sentence or thought, and to end that sentence with punctuation.

In Science we will be working with sound.  Students will experiment with different sounds and try to observe that sound is made from vibrations.  

November will be another busy, but fun month full of learning and growing together.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Center Drive School is a community of staff and students who are working together to create a safe learning environment in which everyone feels welcome.  We would like to celebrate our school community by inviting students to join us in wearing various themes every Wednesday for the months of October and November. The following are the dates and themes:

October 25th - Mismatched Sock Day - We are all different and special
November 1st -Inside out day - We all have feelings
November 8th - Red, White, and Blue Day - Eagle Pride!
November 15th- Crazy Hair, Don't Care - Be Confident!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Some fantastic first graders at our fire safety presentation
Thanks to the Orrington Fire Department

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Dates to remember
*October 6th full day teacher inservice
*October 9th Columbus Day
*October 26th early dismissal due to Parent Teacher Conferences from 1:00 to   8:00
*October 27th NO School due to Parent Teacher Conferences from 8:00 to 12:00

We will be continuing to review consonant sounds and short vowel sounds.  Through reading texts we will be comparing and contrasting, and working with cause and effect.  Our reading genres will be fantasy, realism and realistic fiction.  A main focus will be on story structure and elements.  Reviewing and working on high frequency words will be done.  Students will continue to read just right books daily.

We are still working on small moments.  We are working on ways to bring our stories to life, make our characters talk, move, feel, and think.  We are working on telling our stories in steps.  After we complete our narrative unit, each student will publish their favorite small moment story.

We will be finishing up unit one this month.  We will be working on composing numbers.  Our unit 2 is on 2-dimensional geometry.  A goal is decomposing and composing 2-D shapes. We will also describe and sort shapes.  

Our second unit is Communication.  We will discuss how people can communicate with people who are nearby and far away.  Our discussions will be centered around how we communicate with others.  The students will practice communicating using light and Morse Code.  They will also create a telephone using cups and string.  They will need to build, test, and explain their creation.  It is always amazing to see how many “phones” do work!

Please continue to check communication folders daily.  

The year has started wonderfully and the first graders are awesome!