Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Important Dates for December
*December 2nd - Holiday Kids Shop 5:00 - 7:00

*December 2nd trimester ends

*December 9th report cards go home

*December 16th K-4 Winter Concert
                          Dress rehearsal

*Book Day -
               Dec 19th and snow date Dec 20th

*December 21st K-4 Winter Concert @1:00

*December 23rd Noon Dismissal

We are still very busy reading and working on reading skills daily.  We are working on building fluency and gaining comprehension as we read.  It is very important for children to read each evening.  As your child reads to or with you have them retell what they have read, or answer questions you may prompt them with during/after reading.  We are working lots with story elements (characters, setting, problem and solution).  You can also practice grammar using simple sentences.   We have been talking about nouns (person place or thing) and verbs (the action word a thing you can do).  We also are finding the naming part of a sentence( the who or what).

We are busily writing and working in our nonfiction unit.  We are writers who teach with our words and pictures.  We are really working on handwriting and the correct formation of letters.  Using the lines and spaces correctly to form neat and appropriate letters.

Adding and subtracting and story problems….Oh My!  Students are working on strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems.  We are working on writing number equations.  We will also start estimating this week and counting larger amounts of numbers.  Please practice counting at home. Use the start with get to strategy.  EX…..Start with 64 and count to 88.  Start with 88 and count backwards to 73. Counting practice can be  quick and simple…  it while in the car, walking into a store, or during bath time.

 Holiday Celebrations Around the World
Each and every student has different holiday traditions and ways to celebrate the season.  We are planning a journey to see how children from Russia, England, Germany, Mexico, Australia, and Holland celebrate.  

It is getting colder outside and winter weather is approaching.  Please send your child to school with the appropriate winter attire.  Also please talk to them about “keeping track” of their hats, mittens, etc.  We do our best to help with this process.  

Wishing everyone a joyous and wonderful Holiday Season

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It is very hard to believe that we are entering the month of November already.  Our first grade friends have been super busy learning.

As we enter the new month we will also be starting our theme 3 reading unit.  In this unit our reading strategies are phonics and decoding words, evaluating as we read, predicting/inferreing, and questioning.  For comprehension we focus on main idea and details. This leads into summarizing what we have read.  We work on reading fluency daily, and have seen much improvement. For grammar we are focusing on what is a sentence, and the naming part of the sentence or the who, and the action part of the sentence.  We begin Spelling words and tests in this unit.  Be on the lookout for a spelling list to come home.  The first graders will also bring home a Spelling Contract each week. They will be responsible for choosing 5 different activities to help them practice the words on their spelling list. The children are very excited to start having spelling tests…….just like the big kids!

Solving Story Problems is our unit 3 in Math.  This unit develops ideas about counting and quantity, the composition of numbers and the operations of adding and subtracting.  Counting and comparing larger numbers will be a big focus.  There will also be the challenge of finding all the 2-addend combinations of a number.  

Ask your child what a small moment story means to them. The finishing touches (editing and revisions) are being made to their favorite small moment story as these blossoming writers are becoming published authors.  Information writing is coming up next.  The students will be writing to teach about topics that they are “experts” about.

In Science we will explore sound.  The key learning is that sound is caused by vibrations.   For Social Studies we will discuss and read about the pilgrims and how life was then.  We will also compare it to life now.  

**As the weather begins to cool down please dress appropriately for recess.**

November 11th Veteran’s Day - NO school

November 23rd, 24th and 25th - Thanksgiving break

Monday, October 31, 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Important Dates
*October 13th  picture day
*October 27th Early dismissal - Parent Teacher Conferences 1:00 - 8:00
*October 28th Parent Teacher Conferences 8:00 - 12:00
*October 29th PTG sponsored Trunk or Treat Event

*When books are sent home from our classroom please try to return them the following day.  (If you want to keep it for an extra day please let me know.)  Also please sign the slip letting me know that the book has been read.
**The first week of Bag of Books was a success.  New bags went home today with each child.
***As the weather begins to cool down please send children to school with appropriate clothing for recess.  Thanks :)

Each month from October through March, I will send home a reading log.  On the reading log a goal has been set for all First Graders.  It is definitely OK to go above the goal!  At the end of each month please return the reading log, and the children will get a reading award certificate.

We have taken our end of unit one assessment in math, and I got to say I was pleased with the results.  Making Shapes and Designing Quilts Geometry Unit-This unit focuses on two-dimensional shapes and the relationships among them.  We will be observing, describing, comparing, classifying, representing, and building with these shapes.  We will use geometry terms such as....corners, sides, angles, edges, and points.

Our guided reading groups are working very well.  The children are also doing a great job with read to self.  We are working on increasing our reading stamina.  To help increase our stamina we need to have "just right books" to read.In our whole group reading we are focusing on the comprehension strategy of evaluate and the comprehension skill of cause and effect.

Bringing our characters to life has been a big focus in our writing. Make the characters talk, feel, and think.  We are also studying other mentor texts and focusing on strategies other authors are using, and trying some of those strategies in our stories.  Two very important aspects of our writing are capital letters and ending marks.  How do sentences start?  How do sentences end?  I can not wait to share the writing journals with you at parent teacher conferences.

We will begin a unit on communication and the different forms of communicating.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Some of the many things we will be working on this month......

We will be practicing and establishing procedures for work stations, guided groups, independent work, and whole group.

 In Math we have started unit one.  This unit is called How Many of Each.  This first unit develops ideas of counting and quantity, the composition of numbers, and operations of addition and subtraction.  We will build number sense by counting and comparing quantities and through composing and decomposing numbers.

Back to School review is how we will begin our reading unit.  A great place to start the year.  Through this unit the students review skills from  K,  and I have a chance to get to know them and their reading skills.  After this review we dive right into many key foundational reading skills.
*Reading strategies - phonics/decoding - predict/infer - summarize - evaluate
*Comprehension - sequence - compare & contrast - cause & effect
*Build Fluency  & recognize high frequency words
*Grammar - when to use capital letters - punctuation  

Writing small moments with independence is the what we will be working on in our first unit.  Our goal is to produce many small moment stories.  The children will work through the writing process.  In these small moment stories they focus on detail, including showing a character's small actions, dialogue, and internal thinking.

As you can see we will be very busy.......

Friday, September 2, 2016

Thursday, September 1, 2016

It was so nice meeting each and everyone of you at open house.  I was so eager for the first day with the students after seeing them that night. My instinct was right these students are awesome! It has been lots of fun getting to know them during our first few days. We have spent time establishing classrooom rules and procedures. Ask your children about interrupting chicken. It is great to see so many of you have joined classrooom Dojo.  This not only helps track behavior,but it also serves as a quick and easy communication method.

As the year progresses students will have some homework some evenings.  Believe it or not I have had students ask when they would get homeworkšŸ˜€  Homework is not meant to be a stressful event for child or parents. The skills that will be going home will be to reinforce what we are working on in class.  Our homework policy states no more than 10 to 30 minutes a night for grade one.  If  there are ever any issues with homework please be in touch. I know evenings are busy and family time is precious.

A big thank you for the supplies that were donated to our classroom.  Your generosity was greatly appreciated.

Here is to a fantastic first grade year!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mrs. Lausier's Fantastic First Graders 2016/2017

I can not believe that we are 2 weeks away from the first day of school.  YEAH!!  
        **Do not forget about the open house on Monday the 29th at 6:00**