Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The month of February is here and we are almost 100 days smarter!! (100th day is on the 9th)

                                                      Important dates:
*February 11th PTG Valentine’s Dance

*February 14th Valentine’s Day - Each class will have an individual party, and if you want to provide snacks or a treat the students would greatly appreciate it.  Lists will be going home with student’s  names.

*February 17th Field Trip to Planetarium.  Thanks for all of the interest in volunteering to attend.  Wish everyone could come along, but there is limited seating and we were given a certain number of spots.  

*February 20th to February 24th is February vacation.  

Goals for Math unit 6…..
*to  develop fluency with the 2-addend combinations of 10
*to find relationships among different combinations of a number up to 20
*to find as many 2-addend combinations of a number as possible
*to add 2 or more single - digit numbers
*to subtract one number from another, with initial start of 12
*to solve addition and subtraction story problems
* to develop strategies to solve word problems

In Science we are starting a unit called Patterns in Space. We will be observing the phases of the moon.  We will also talk about planets, the sun, and the stars.  

 We are still reading lots and working on story structure.  As students read with you encourage them to talk about the details in the story and to make predictions.  We are continuing to work on long vowels with the focus on vowel pairs (Ex...ea, ee, ai, ay).

In writing we are moving into a unit on writing reviews.  To begin this fun unit each student needs to bring in a small collection of items to use during this unit. The collection should be no more than 6 items, and will need to remain at school for the duration of the unit.  In order to store and keep these items safe please try to send them in a small box of some sort. (shoe box, empty cereal box, or an empty snack box) The collection can be anything the child has at home already…..please do not feel you need to go out and purchase anything.  Have fun picking a collection of items.

As always thanks for your support and contact us with any questions.