Thursday, March 2, 2017


Important Dates:

March 13th      Space Projects due
March 17th     St. Patrick’s Day….wear green :)
March 23rd     Grades close
March 24th     Teacher Inservice
March 31st       Report Cards go home

This month in reading we will continue to work on vowel pairs, such as ow and oa.  We will also work on the long and short sounds for “oo”, the different spellings for the long u (ou, u_e, ew, ue, u, oo), and the long i (ie, i_e, igh).  We will also be working on several comprehension skills, such as sequencing events, problem solving, and fantasy/realism.  For comprehension strategies we'll be summarizing, clarifying for understanding, and questioning.

In math we are concentrating on number composition and number operations.  This will develop fluency with facts.  We are becoming pros on the combinations of 10.  We are also working on word problems or story problems.  Take a few minutes daily to practice some addition and subtraction facts.

We are writing opinions and learning how to judge items from our collections.  We have been learning how to give reasons or details to support our choices.  The children are working hard to convince the reader that their opinion is the “right” one.  We will continue to revise and edit our opinions.  

Space travel is continuing throughout the month.  We are learning about the moon and the phases of the moon.  We will also talk lots about the planets.  The class is really enjoying this unit.  

I am sending home a handout with this newsletter which offers strategies to help children find a “just right book”.

March will be a busy but exciting month in our classroom.