Wednesday, January 31, 2018

For our writing reviews unit the students will need to bring in a small collection of items.  
Here are some guidelines….

  1. These objects need to remain at school for a short period of time, so do not send in anything you will miss horribly.
  2. There should be no more than 5 or 6 items in collection.
  3. The collection should fit in a shoe box or a plastic shopping bag.  No large items please, and boxes make it easier to store the items.
  4. The collection should be items that are similar (for example 5 toy cars, 6 different pens, 5 different tiny stuffies, 6 different trading cards, 6 small toys, 5 books)

Please work with your child to gather these items and send them in for Tuesday, February 6th.

Thank you in advance

Very Exciting News

Please check your child's folders today, and you will find a letter, slip, and envelope.
We are published authors!!! Our awesome animal book will be available for you to purchase.

We are sending our book out to the publishing company on the 16th of February. 
I would need all slips and payments back by February 13th .  This will ensure
enough time to make our deadline.

Our class will receive a free hard cover copy of the book if I get all 16 slips
signed and returned.  There is NO pressure to purchase, but please return
the signed slip.  Simply check No I am not interested in purchasing box,
sign, and return.  This allows us to get our free classroom copy!  How awesome!

On the slip going home there is also a permission slip that needs to be returned.
This is for permission to have your child's class picture on the meet the
authors page.  Please return that by Friday, February 2nd.

Any questions please send me a message.  Thank you in advance & I can not
wait to see their fantastic work in print.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Not sure what happened to the January post, but I can not seem to fix it ;)  Hope you are able to read the happenings in our classroom, but if you can't they also went home on the grade one newsletter. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January News From First Grade
Important Date
           No School on Monday January 15th

In Reading we will be focusing on the comprehension skills of…
compare and contrast, making generalizations, cause and effect, and summarizing.  We will continue to work on building fluency.  Our spelling strategies will be digraphs sh and ch, and we will begin long vowel words and the patterns to make the long vowel sound.  In grammar we will work on exclamation sentences and using I or me correctly in sentences.

Our unit on teaching chapter books will be wrapping up soon.  In our next writing unit the focus is opinion writing.  We will be using the vocabulary words persuade/persuasion LOTS. They will be given the opportunity to “debate” on certain topics.  

Fish Length and Animal Jumps is our unit 5 in Math….any guesses on what we will be doing?  Students will gain an understanding of what length is, and a sense of linear measurement, and most importantly how to measure accurately.  They will measure lengths using different sized-units, and they will compare lengths.  We also touch upon fractions using halves and fourths of circles and squares.  

In science we will begin a unit called protecting the young.  The focus of this unit is how animal parents protect and care for their babies.  

Just a reminder to have a pair of shoes for inside the classroom, and to have appropriate winter clothing for outside recess….if we can get out there :)

Happy New Year & may 2018 be a year full of fun and learning for all first graders!