Friday, January 4, 2019

January News From First Grade
Important Dates

*January 8th K-4 assembly theme is inside out
….so students can wear some clothing inside out
           *No School on Monday January 21st
                * January 29th early dismissal
In Reading we will be focusing on the comprehension skills of…
compare and contrast, making generalizations, cause and effect,
and summarizing.  We will continue to work on building fluency.
Our spelling strategies will be short e, short u, and digraphs
sh and ch.  In grammar we will work on telling, asking
and exclamation sentences and using I or me
correctly in sentences.

Our unit on teaching chapter books will be wrapping
up soon.  In our next writing unit the focus is opinion writing.
We will be using the vocabulary words persuade/persuasion
LOTS. They will be given the opportunity to “debate”
on certain topics.  

In Math we are extending the counting sequence.  
We will be counting to 120 by tens and ones, reading
and writing numbers to 120.  We will also need to represent
a number of objects with a written numeral. Counting by
tens and ones builds an understanding of place value.  
Once we finish topic 7 our topic 8 will focus on place value.

Our Science topic is seasonal patterns.  We will discuss how
the amount of daylight changes at different times of the year.  

Just a reminder to have a pair of shoes for inside
the classroom, and to have appropriate winter clothing
for outside recess….if we can get out there :)

Happy New Year & may 2019 be a year full of fun
and learning for all first graders!