Thursday, February 6, 2020

Monday the 10th is not only the 100th day it is also
our k-4 assembly.  Please encourage your child to
 wear their core value shirt.  It is also crazy hair day.
 Should be a very fun day!

If we have a snow day on Friday....the 100th day
will be on Tuesday the 11th.  The assembly WILL
 still be on Monday. (core value shirt & crazy hair)

Monday, February 3, 2020

February News from First Grade

                                                           IMPORTANT DATES
February10th   is the 100th day......if we have no snow days :)
February 10th is crazy hair day for our spirit theme for the assembly
February 14th is Valentine's Day....a class list is being sent home with this letter
February 17th to 21st is February Vacation

We will be celebrating the 100th day of school.  Please have
your child bring in a collection of 100 items.  We will do some
sorting, counting, describing, writing, and sharing with this collection.
  Some ideas could be stickers, pennies, buttons....or any other idea
you and your child come up with.

In our 9th math unit the focus is on comparing number.
We will work on finding a number that is one more, one less,
ten more, ten less than a given number.  Practice with the greater
than, less than, and equal to symbols will be a focus. Students will
compare and write two-digit numbers that are greater than or less
than other two digit numbers.  When we begin topic 10 the focus
will be on adding a 2-digit number to a 1-digit number. They will
use models and strategies to add tens and ones. Please continue
to practice those basic addition facts.  

Read, Read, Read....we have been doing lots of that.
I love it! Our comprehension focus will be on
story structure (characters, setting, problem, events to
solve problem, and solution)  You can practice these at
home when reading together. Making predictions and
summarizing are also key elements of our reading work.
Knowing those first grade sight words is such a benefit. 
If you need another copy of the 100 words let me know.
Spelling words are becoming a little more challenging as
the weeks go on, and the students are rising to the challenge.
Thanks for studying with them at home.  

In Writing we are finishing our book and will begin the
writing review unit.  

In Science we are still learning about the moon,
sun, and the planets. 

February is a short but very busy month.  Let’s hope the
Groundhog’s prediction was correct.