Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Important Dates: Friday November 10th no school
Wednesday November 22nd start of Thanksgiving break

It is hard to believe that we are already in the month of November.  We had a wonderful turnout at conferences, and feel so thankful to be teaching these awesome kiddos.

In Reading we will be taking our theme one/two end of unit assessment.  As we begin theme 3 we will continue with read to self and guided reading using “just right” books.
For comprehension skills we will be working with topic, main idea, details/summarizing, and making predictions. For grammar we will work with sentences and the naming part of the sentence and the action part of the sentence.  In a few weeks…...WE WILL ALSO BE STARTING WEEKLY SPELLING TESTS. Each first day of the week the students will bring home a spelling list and a spelling contract( this gives ideas to help them practice throughout the week).Our test are usually on Friday or the last day of each school week.

In Math we are finishing up Geometry and will be starting addition, subtraction and the number system.  Some goals for our first grade friends are to compose numbers up to 15 using two or more addends.  Students will develop and work with strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems.  They will generate equivalent expressions for a given number ( 10+2+=12 is the same as 5+5+2=12). We will be practicing counting forward and backwards from any given number up to 100.  

By now our first small moment books have been published and we are moving into becoming authors of nonfiction chapter books!  The writers will become a teacher and through their writing they will teach others about their chosen topics.  They will learn how to organize their topics into chapters and will dabble with creating a table of content for their chapter book.  
***A big push for all of the students is to correctly and neatly form letters, and to use capital letters to begin a sentence or thought, and to end that sentence with punctuation.

In Science we will be working with sound.  Students will experiment with different sounds and try to observe that sound is made from vibrations.  

November will be another busy, but fun month full of learning and growing together.

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