Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January News From First Grade
Important Date
           No School on Monday January 15th

In Reading we will be focusing on the comprehension skills of…
compare and contrast, making generalizations, cause and effect, and summarizing.  We will continue to work on building fluency.  Our spelling strategies will be digraphs sh and ch, and we will begin long vowel words and the patterns to make the long vowel sound.  In grammar we will work on exclamation sentences and using I or me correctly in sentences.

Our unit on teaching chapter books will be wrapping up soon.  In our next writing unit the focus is opinion writing.  We will be using the vocabulary words persuade/persuasion LOTS. They will be given the opportunity to “debate” on certain topics.  

Fish Length and Animal Jumps is our unit 5 in Math….any guesses on what we will be doing?  Students will gain an understanding of what length is, and a sense of linear measurement, and most importantly how to measure accurately.  They will measure lengths using different sized-units, and they will compare lengths.  We also touch upon fractions using halves and fourths of circles and squares.  

In science we will begin a unit called protecting the young.  The focus of this unit is how animal parents protect and care for their babies.  

Just a reminder to have a pair of shoes for inside the classroom, and to have appropriate winter clothing for outside recess….if we can get out there :)

Happy New Year & may 2018 be a year full of fun and learning for all first graders!

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