Friday, March 30, 2018


Important Dates
April 16th - 20th is April Vacation week

Another month has arrived ever so quickly.  It is so hard to believe how fast this year is going.  The students have made so many gains in many areas. It is always so amazing to see the progress in reading, writing, and in math practices.  

This time of year is so muddy out on our playground please help us encourage the children to try to stay away from those areas.  It is still a great idea to have them wear/bring boots to play outside in. We still have snowy areas to play in, so snowpants are also needed.

Reading - We will continue to build reading fluency while working on story structure, comparing and contrasting, and noting details.  In grammar we will work with the correct usage of is and are and was and were.   In spelling we will be working on long i spelled with y, and adding -es to naming words, and the vowel sound in coin.

Math - We have just begun working in the pattern unit.  The children are doing well with this math concept. Working with number patterns will be the challenge in this unit.  Students can use the top portion/practice portion of their mastering math fact sheets to practice the facts they are working on.  Every little bit of practice helps…..practice makes permanent.

Writing - We will be writing book reviews.  It is very interesting to read the opinion writing and the reasons to support their thinking.  We are still focusing on capital letters and periods to complete sentences….these are a must.

Science - We have begun the parts of animals unit.  The goal of this unit is to be able recognize certain animal characteristics and how these characteristics help the animal survive.  

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