Saturday, August 4, 2018

Hello 1st Grader!
Welcome back to a brand new school year!  I hope your summer break has been
joyful and full of adventures with your family and friends. I can not wait to hear
all about it.   I am so excited to have you as one of my Fantastic First Graders.
We are going to do so many FUN things, and of course we will LEARN a lot.
I can not wait to get to know each of you and learn with you every day!

Want to know a little more about me?  Here are a few of my favorite things.
Color:       Blue and Purple
Food:      Pizza and Ice Cream
Book:       Charlotte’s Web…...I really have so many favorites:)
Drink:      Coffee and water
Hobby:     Reading, walking, watching Bryce and Mallory at their activities,
                             and spending time with family and friends

I am sure you are anxious to go back to school shopping.  I remember those days.
Here is a list of the personal supplies that each of you will need.  
  • #2 pencils (they sharpen the best)
  • Glue sticks (4-5 would be great)
  • A box of crayons (no larger than a 24 pack)
Plastic containers and supply organizers will be provided for you to keep your school tools in.  

Here are a few helpful and useful items that are used everyday by all our class.
 These items are always greatly appreciated as donations to our classroom.
Thank you in advance for any of these items.
*more glue sticks *tissue *Clorox wipes
*Pencil top erasers *plastic spoons *black dry erase markers
As summer wraps up, I have a couple of things I want you to think about
and prepare for our first day together.
  1. Please bring in something that tells about YOU!  Perhaps this is a favorite stuffie,
a souvenir, a picture, or a toy.  The possibilities are endless.
Please be prepared to share why you picked the item that you brought in.
        2.  Bring in your favorite book or a book you are reading.  We will do a book share.

I am so anxious to meet you and looking forward to this incredible journey called 1st grade.
 Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation!

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