Friday, September 28, 2018

Dates to remember
*October 5th full day teacher inservice
*October 8th Columbus Day
*October 11th Picture Day
*October 24th noon dismissal   

We will be continuing to review consonant sounds and short vowel sounds.  
Through reading texts we will be comparing and contrasting, and working with
cause and effect.  Our reading genres will be fantasy, realism and realistic fiction.
A main focus will be on story structure and elements.  Reviewing and working on high
frequency words will be done. Students will continue to read just right books daily.

We are still working on small moments.  We are working on ways to bring
our stories to life, make our characters talk, move, feel, and think.
 We are working on telling our stories in steps. After we complete our
narrative unit, each student will publish their favorite small moment story.

We are still working on adding and subtracting  fluently within 10.
Once we complete topic 2 we will start addition facts to 20.  We will
work on lots of different strategies to add. Please take
some time to work with basic addition facts at home. Thank you:)
Our second unit is Communication.  We will discuss how people
can communicate with people who are nearby and far away.
 Our discussions will be centered around how we communicate with others.
The students will practice communicating using light and Morse Code.  
They will also create a telephone using cups and string. They will need
to build, test, and explain their creation. It is always amazing to see how many “phones” do work!

Please continue to check communication folders daily.  
The year has started wonderfully and the first graders are awesome!

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