Friday, May 31, 2019

First Grade News for June

Important Dates to Remember
    June 7th - Spring Concert - 1:00 p.m.
    June 14th - Field trip to Moosepoint State Park -   
    June 17th - Field Day K-4 (more info will come home soon)
    June 18th - Last student day - 1/2 day

These last couple of weeks in first grade are going
to be so busy! We still have things that we are
trying to finish up before we send the children
off to second grade.

We will wrap up our reading working on making predictions,
summarizing, and sequencing of events.  Our grammar focus
is on describing words (adjectives) and comparing using -er and -est.
Continue to read and talk to your child about what they are reading.

We will be working on our last math unit this week.
This unit is on fractions and students will be determining
whether shapes are divided into equal shares.  They will divide
shapes into 2 or 4 equal shares.  A goal is to understand that
more equal shares of the same whole create smaller shares.
We end our math program with a step up to grade 2 topic.

In Writing Workshop we are working very hard to finish our
last writing unit, which is writing realistic fiction. We just
started writing a new realistic fiction series, and these
will be chapter books! Hopefully we’ll have time to get our
last series all finished. If the children work hard
I’m sure they can do it!  


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